How to Write a Scholarship Essay Format

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Scholarship essays typically contain three parts: an Introduction, main body paragraphs, and an ending conclusion. Each of these parts has an importance and role to play. Thus, none should ever be overlooked or ignored. An Introduction. This is the section that introduces the writer to the scholarship program and the scholarship essay subject matter. This introductory section also includes the name and complete address of the writer, the organization that he is a part of, the contact information, the school or college that the writer has earned his graduate degree from, and his/her intent for pursuing the scholarship.

Main Body. The main body of the scholarship essay describes the scholarship program and what the writer will be writing about. It will also introduce the topic or theme for which the essay is being written. For example, if a candidate is vying for a State University Scholarship, he can start his essay with “I am a candidate for State University Scholarship.”

Conclusion. The conclusion provides the candidates with a way to formally accept the scholarship by signing it on behalf of the candidate. It offers the candidates a chance to declare whether they agree with all aspects of the scholarship and what will be their plans for using the funds. A student who has won a scholarship that allows him/her to go to college will most likely be a leader in promoting positive change within his/her community. Therefore, his/her goal is to use this scholarship to further his/her social justice values as well as pursue a higher level of education.

Biography. Students are encouraged to share as much information about themselves as they can. They should note, however, that “biography” is not a good choice for those who are vying for scholarships awarded to African American, Asian American, Caribbean Islander, Pacific Islander, American Indian and/or Women. This scholarship does not allow for biographies to be longer than two hundred fifty words.

Personal Narrative. Stories about personal life are often interspersed with factual information. These are considered “narratives.” One should avoid writing a narrative that is solely based on facts and/or personal testimony. The narrative is an opportunity for a candidate to speak his/her mind and to express his/her opinion about the world power that is his/her. A candidate who wants to know how much longer will the US be the last great hope for a social environment should write a narrative that shows how social conditions have affected the US.

How Does America’s Super Power, namely, the US, Compare To The Other Super Powers in the World? Two questions that should be at the top of every candidate’s mind when he/she seeks how long will the US be the last great hope for a livable world. If a candidate wants to show that he/she is up with the latest trends, he/she should begin by reading how the US-ledcoalition forces are fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and in other theaters of the world including Syria and Iran.

What is the condition of the world power? The most obvious answer to this question is that the US has been and continues to be the richest nation in the world. Many people around the world are jealous of the US because of its seemingly endless affluence. It may be true that many people in the world are envious of the rich financial status of the college athletes who represent their country, but many people in the world do not see an economic correlation between the rich financial status of college athletes and the poor economic status of the people who do not live in the United States.

The current Olympic champions and most decorated athletes in history also came from behind to win their games. Many college sports teams have been built with the help of great players who are from relatively modest origins. The world of college athletics is far from the pit of poverty that some people assume it to be. It appears that there are a lot of opportunities in the world of college athletics for talented and motivated athletes if they choose to pursue them.

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